52 Ways To Make Money Online 2024

Money making is a possibility online if you are ready to learn, concentrate, and work! Today,I will be talking about 52 ways to make money online. Though in this first article, I will discuss only ten out of the fifty two!


To freelance means to work for another person without a definite long term contract. A freelancer can be called any individual who acts as a writer, author, actor, or similar professional selling work or services on an hourly, daily, or job-by-job basis, rather than with a single employer on a regular salary basis.ways to make money online

A freelancer is self-employed who offers services to clients. The clients can be individual the corporate organization.

Freelancing online is a very attractive way of making money. You can be involved in freelancing and be making money irrespective of your geographical location.

There are numerous websites/platforms that are used by freelancers to present their services to prospective clients. Examples are like freelancer.com, Taskrabbit, Mechanical Turk, Upwork, fiverr, peopleperhour, guru.com etc etc.

There is literally no service you can offer on most freelancing websites

As an individual, my first dollar online income was from fiverr.com


Blogging simply means writing online. A blog is an informational platform that is regularly updated. You can write or post on any topic (niche) at any time depending on your schedule. It’s like an online newspaper or magazine.

ways to make money online 2As at 2020, there are over 600 million blogs in the world while 6.7 million people regularly publish blog posts.

The twist we now have is that a lot of people have turned their social media platform to blogs because as I speak 12 million people are posting blogs to their social media

Why are blogs important? 81% of online consumers trust information found on blogs.

In fact 61% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on blog recommendation. What am I saying: There is money in blogging! The money comes through Advert placement & product/services recommendations (affiliate sales)

What does it take to blog: – Research, Rewrite & Monetize. Dont forget :blogging is very among the several ways to make money online

YouTube Marketing

This is the in-thing for now. It basically involves creating useful content and attracting viewers. As you attract viewers, you will be able to get money either through YouTube partner program (YPP) or affiliate sales or Direct Sales.

The problem people have here is how to drive their YouTube channel to 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers. Because that’s the condition YouTube has laid down before they can start paying you.

There are two ways to get to this 1000subscribers/4000watch hours level

  1. Forget subscribers, forget watch time hours. Produce good contents; give genuine information about what people are searching for and over time, 1 yr., 2yrs or 3yrs you will get there.
  2. Build followers outside YouTube, gather people who believe in you and trust your leadership and bring them into YouTube. They will give you the 1,000 subscribers & 4000 watch hours you want.

This is where I can help if you have the money to lay down. My last YouTube channel (I have many) t was built & monetized within 40 days. I can help you to do yours too. Send me a mail, if you want it.(admin@regularlifehack.com) From zero subscriber, zero view, I will help you and apply on your behalf and hand over your channel back to you. With 300-500dollars, within 30-50days I will deliver a fully monetized channel to you. So you can begin to post and collect money

How much money you will now be making from YouTube depends on what you are posting  and how frequent you are doing it

Affiliate Marketing

Another of the many ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the method of endorsing another person’s or company’s goods or services in return for a fee on any purchase. Affiliate marketers sign up for affiliate services, study reputable affiliate brands, and eventually promote such brands to their audiences. It’s as simple as that.

Article Writing

Eyeglasses Beside Bowl of Food and Magazine on TableHere you write articles and offer them for sale. Sometimes people need content for their blogs or website and if you are a good article writer you will definitely cash out big!

Funny enough you can get involved in this money tree without knowing how to write good articles! Surprised? Yes, you should be. In this blog as well as my YouTube channel I will soon be teaching people on article writing and how it can easily become your cash cow!

Less I forget, apart from being a source of income,you must understand that “article writing skill” is basic to all content – related works online. And when we are talking of ways to make money online…if you cant master this skill you may have some challenges!


Make 100dollars daily from fiverr

PLR Smart Business

PLR business involves gathering PLR materials like books, articles or videos and rebranding them for immediate monetization secured. For those who are smart PLR business is a whole world of ready-made cash!

Web development

Here is a highly lucrative online opportunity . It involves building website for customers.

Woman Holding Dynamic Html Book

There are two levels to this

  1. You can build a site based on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) format.
  2. You can start from the scratch with all the codes and programming.

I have personally made some quick cash in web development before now, charging between 160dollars and 2000dollars

If you are a smart marketer, you can work as a web developer with little skill while outsourcing the whole stuff & securing the commitment of some gurus.

Domain Flipping Business

A domain is nothing but a name that you have been authorized & empowered to use based on their unique DNS. (Domain Name System). Domains are available all over the internet from domain name registrar. You basic job is to go and buy those domain names, reserve the name and later resell at a higher price.

That is what called domain is flipping. Though sometimes it can be risky, I believe it’s worth a try. Actually there are people making money regularly doing this!

Direct information Marketing

This is a business format that anyone can be involved in and make money.

I have used it multiple times. The first time I used it, I needed a quick cash of about $1,500 dollars. All I did was to package some online information, and put it together, and organize a paid 3hour seminar in a beautiful hotel.

I charged 50dollar per head. 30 people came, 28 of them dropped cash, and 2 individuals dropped a bank check. After subtracting my expenses of about 300dollars, I took 1,200dollars home!

Direct info Marketing involves solving the problems of your immediate or remove environment and it could be a game changer for you financially speaking


Ghostwriting is a complete business model that can change your fortune. Though I will still teach it in good details, let me say here that ghostwriting can make you rich. It can turn you to an employer of labor and give you your long expected headway in life.
Fundamentally,ghostwriting is writing anything that is officially attributed to another person — or a separate entity than oneself.’ And a ghostwriter is anyone who authors copy such as blogs, lectures, books, blog entries, speeches, and web contents without receiving credit for it.
The credit for whatever  is written, goes to your client or anyone inside the organization or industry. Ordinarily ghostwriting is very lucrative but in these days of  countless freelancing sites, working as a ghost writer may not give  the kind of money  that you are expecting.