Health Benefits And Contra-Indications Of Ketogenic Diet

Highlighted below are some health benefits of ketogenic diet

  • Based on the ketogenic diet, the well-being of people with obvious neurological problems improve. Practice shows that the number of symptoms of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s has been reduced.
  • Ketogenic diet is a form of anti-cancer therapy. Because these cells feed on sugar, its significant reduction leads to the death of malignant cells.
  • The condition of the skin improves, acne disappears. A decrease in insulin helps to get rid of chronic inflammation that affects the skin gradually.
  • The keto-diet has a positive effect on the treatment of polycystic ovary. Therefore, the disease is associated with an increased level of insulin. Therefore, reducing the level of the hormone, it is possible to get the maximum effect from the selected therapy.

Contraindications and Complications

A ketogenic diet is not recommended if there are the following diseases:

  • Severe diabetes mellitus;
  • kidney disease, liver;
  • progressive encephalopathy;
  • diseases of the heart and vascular system;
  • Cerebrovascular disease.

Adverse reactions to this diet can be:

  1. Hair loss- This occurs as a result of a deficiency of mineral elements in the selected diet.
  2. Growth lags.
  3. An increase in cholesterol- If such a picture is observed, then it is necessary to reduce the proportion of fats to other substances, for example, 70/30. This will provide acceptable cholesterol values.
  4. Renal calculi- occur as a result of drinking large volumes of fluid. To avoid this, it is essential to periodically pass urine for analysis and an ultrasound of the kidneys.
  5. It can cause drowsiness and a lethargic state.
  6. Constipation- if there are prerequisites for their occurrence, it is better to increase the amount of fluid drunk.
  7. Excess weight- This condition is rare, but the menu still requires adjustment.
  8. A sharp loss of kilograms- If weight loss is carried out to usual aisles, then this is wholly considered the norm. However, there are times when a person continues to lose weight to critical boundaries; then, it is necessary to radically change the constituent elements of his nutrition, choosing the ideal option.