How To Improve Your Memory

The memories are an important part of who we are but the memory decreases as we age. The loss is so extreme for many older people that they can no longer survive independently, and is one of the greatest concerns people have as they mature.

The good thing is that scientists have learned more about the incredible capacity of our brain to alter and develop new neuronal links every day, even in old age. The definition is called neuroplasticity. Scientists have found, through work on neuroplasticity, that our memory capacity is not limited but instead malleable like elastic. Some of the following tricks can be employed to enhance your memory.

Practice remembering

Free stock photo of adult, alone, at homeYour brain stores more information than you think. The difficulty is not to be forgetful , but to retrieve this information. Daily small reminder exercises can help here, such as memorizing the shopping list, addresses or names and retrieving them again. What is my doctor’s house number and what is his name?


Woman Doing Yoga Inside A RoomThere is mounting support for the meditation’s wellness effects. Studies suggest that meditation helps to enhance certain cognitive skills, such as attention, concentrating, memory and learning. In reality, meditation can rewire the brain and foster further connections between brain cells. There are multiple ways to meditate — try to figure out the best meditiation for you.

Practicing yoga

Photo Of Woman Laying On GroundOne 2012 study found that a simple 20 minutes of yoga significantly improved the speed and accuracy of the participants on memory tests. After yoga, participants did slightly more than aerobic exercise on the exams. Yoga also emphasizes diaphragm breathing which helps maximize our intake of oxygen, thereby improving mental function.


Woman Wearing Pink and Black Sports Bra Holding TowelRegular exercise not only keeps your body fit, but also enhances your memory. The increased heart rate brings more blood to the brain, thus opening the door for greater in-flow of energy. Apart from this, when you get involved in active exercises, you automatically inhale more oxygen which will increase the efficiency of the brain. Getting enough exercise can additionally reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to forty per cent.

Showing emotions

Man in Blue Polo Shirt and Black Pants Standing Beside Woman in White Long Sleeve ShirtKids handle many things with curiosity and fear. In doing so they let themselves be driven and interpreted by the new experiences. Emotions play an important part in the subsequent interpretation of the experience. Intense passions make certain things even more vivid. It doesn’t know at first whether those feelings are positive or negative. Intense laughter and weeping certainly tend to constantly keep things running.


Strawberry Drink, Fruit Tea, Ice Tea, RefreshmentThe consumption of ‘clear drinks’ such as water or tea inhibits stress hormones. The human brain consists of 80 percent water, so this substance is very important for this. For example, I recommend green tea , as it can also increase your mental performance.

Brain Training

Chess, Hand, Figures, Pawn, Palm, Championship, CageExercising mental fitness can improve your memory. Here, the choice of scientifically based brain training is of great importance. Good quality training improves your overall mental fitness and can improve your memory by doing so. It is also important that the brain training improves working memory and thus the ability to learn.


Gray Cat, Observer, Hunting, Visual Acuity, MustacheYour brain can remember things better if you remember them in pictures. For example, if you need to remember a larger number, you can shape the numbers and then build a story out of them. The more abstract the story, the easier it is to remember it.


Guitar, Guitarist, Music, Playing GuitarPlaying an instrument as well as memorizing songs is a challenge for the brain. When making music, the brain is trained in a variety of ways: Listening, conscious movements and reading the notes challenge and encourage both halves of the brain. Memorization is trained by memorizing songs. The more precisely the text and melody are imprinted, the more information the brain receives and the more corresponding links are created.

Ball games

Handball, Man, Player, Throw, Model, White, Sport, PlayBall games look simple, but are still a strain on the brain. When throwing the ball in the air and then catching it, the visual center and the transmission of information to the brain are required to coordinate the legs, arms and hands. The interaction of these processes has a positive influence on our brain.

Physical movement

Woman, Fitness, Workout, Muscles, Fit, Sport, HealthyPhysical movement demands perception and control of movement. Walking on varied, unpaved or at least uneven floors is particularly good for the brain. In the city, walking on cobblestones is a good idea, training your perception and stimulating your sense of balance and physical balance.

Mental arithmetic, sudoku and puzzles

Scrabble, Education, Text, Read, Letters, School, GameMental arithmetic and puzzles are better than solving crossword puzzles and sudokus. Mental arithmetic can be practiced anywhere, while waiting at the cash register or in the doctor’s waiting room or even when going for a walk. Simply calculate certain sequences of numbers, for example start with 100 and subtract 7 at a time until you have calculated a small number close to zero. Puzzles train the visual center and the memory. At the same time, you can link the motif of the puzzle with emotions to make it easier to remember.

Staying socially active 

Family Having Dinner and CelebratingSocial activity challenges and trains the brain. When you stay with other people, the abilities of the brain are used and trained in a variety of ways. People who live alone have probability of developing dementia. The brain already demands social activity when preparing invitations to eat together, as well as during excursions and activities with other people. Friendships stimulate the brain and keep it awake and young.


Woman, Asleep, Girl, Sleep, Bed, Cozy, Tired, RestIt used to be believed that the human body requires approximately 8 hours of sleep a night to be able to make best use of its ability. Researchers today say it makes sense to have a time of between 6 and 7 hours. That varies of person to person. But the reality is during the sleep period, you internalize knowledge.