How To Make Money From YouTube Channel

Are you searching for How to make money from YouTube channel? You are on the right page. To be sure, advertising income is the most apparent method to monetize YouTube. However, this is not the only or, to be quite candid, the best method. YouTube accounts for half of the internet’s traffic, with 1.9 billion monthly users. At the same time, the site is uploading 500 hours of video per minute. If you are a content creator on YouTube, these are the most effective methods for earning money on YouTube channel.

how to make money from youtube channel


The YouTube Partner Program enables ordinary YouTubers to get access to platform-exclusive features. You do not have to be a partner to earn money on YouTube (simply setting up an AdSense account and gaining views is sufficient), but becoming a Partner simplifies the process significantly. YouTube Partners benefit from a variety of revenue sources, including advertising, YouTube Premium subscription fees, and features that directly impact your viewers’ wallets, such as Super Chat, channel subscriptions, and the goods shelf (more on these later.)

Step 1 – Start a channel

You can track down a convenient aide for this “On the best way to make a YouTube channel.”

Step 2 – Make your channel fruitful enough that it meets the YouTube Partner Program necessities

To join the program, you need at least 1,000 endorsers and 4,000 watch hours in the past a year. You can discover a few thoughts on the best way to get a greater amount of those valuable YouTube sees.

Step 3 – Create an AdSense account.

This is straightforward. Simply follow the official YouTube instructions to AdSense accounts.

Step 4 – Explore your new features of monetization

The various qualifying criteria apply to each channel of monetization. Examples are:

Ad revenue: You have to be 18 years or over to earn ad income and produce advertiser-friendly content. Basically, more YouTube advertisern are easier to put advertisements on them, and the more money you earn, the less contentious your videos are.

YouTube Premium revenue: you get a part of your membership cost if you view your video from a YouTube Premium subscriber. (This, which is wonderful, is automated.

Channel affiliations: you have to be at least 18 and have more than 30.000 subscribers to offer channel memberships to your subscribers (i.e. your fans choose for an additional fee).

Goods or Merchandise shelf: you must be at least 18 and have at least 10,000 followers to sell retail from the YouTube merchandise shelf.

Payments for Super Chat: if you want your followers to pay to have their comments highlighted during your live conversations, at least 18 of them are required (and live in a country where the feature is offered).

Step 4 – Submit to continuing checks

As a YouTube Partner, the YouTube quality of your channel will be higher. You have to respect the Community Guidelines, not only the YouTube Partner Programme guidelines.



Perhaps you consider yourself to be a content producer first and an entrepreneur second. (Keep in mind that celebrities also sell t-shirts.) Alternatively, you’re an entrepreneur first and a video maker second, which means you’ve most likely already created a product and are developing a YouTube marketing plan to sell it. In any case, merchandise is a feasible method of monetizing your YouTube channel.

Step 1 – Conceptualize and design your product.

Merchandise for your channel should both symbolize and nourish your audience’s relationship with you. That implies your merchandise should be one-of-a-kind. You may have more merchandise ideas than you can stock. Therefore, begin by dabbling with one or two things. However, you must ensure that you include your audience in the decision-making process. Poll them to ascertain their preferences. Or generate excitement by providing limited-edition goods in conjunction with significant subscriber-count milestones.

Step 2: Obtain and/or create your product

Generally, you’ll need the services of a manufacturer, supplier, or wholesaler to create and distribute your goods. Some vendors will provide it to you, while others will handle inventory, shipping, and returns for you.

Step 3: Establish your online store and landing page

To process purchases, you’ll need a second website. If you want to connect directly to it from your videos (which you should), see YouTube’s authorized merchandise sites list.

Step 4: Enable the merchandising shelf for your YouTube Partner.

YouTube Partners may now utilize the shelf function to sell items associated with their channel. If you qualify, follow YouTube’s steps for activating it.

Step 5: Use your videos to promote your goods.

This is when your wit comes into play. Wear or include your merchandise into your videos. Include viewers who have purchased and are now using it. (On another platform, we could refer to this as ‘user-generated content,) Additionally, don’t forget to include a link to your shop in the video descriptions, as well as end screens and cards with appealing calls to action. Don’t forget to express gratitude, because it is courteous. But also because it provides an opportunity to remind them once again how wonderful and popular your product is.


You don’t need to be on Instagram to be an influencer. The upside of this system is that you don’t need to give YouTube a cut of your profit. You haggle straightforwardly with the brand, and they pay you straightforwardly. No big surprise it’s a well-known route for YouTubers to bring in cash. In the event that you can offer brands a huge and additionally drew in crowd—and your substance is pertinent to their objective market—they most likely need to hear from you.

Step 1: Identify a brand with whom to partner with

When it comes to the brands you deal with, quality is critical. Almost certainly, you already have a wish list of desired brands. Whether you’re shooting for the stars or growing your brand organically, make sure your brand pitch is flawless before you submit it.

Additionally, consider using an influencer marketing platform. These are intermediate websites that assist marketing teams in identifying relevant influencers with whom to collaborate. For example, FameBit was one of the first to concentrate only on YouTubers.

Step 2: Negotiate an agreement

According to a recent research conducted by an influencer marketer, YouTube videos are the most costly kind of sponsored content that businesses can purchase from influencers on average. In general, YouTube influencers may charge more for their videos than they do for Instagram Stories or Facebook posts, simply because video production is more costly. While your fee will vary depending on the size, engagement, and relevance of your audience to your prospective partner, you should be aware of your value prior to signing a deal.

Step 3: Be transparent about your #ad.

Advertisement is sponsored content. That means you must adhere to Google’s Ad rules. Transparency is beneficial not just to your legal health, but also to the connection you have with your audience. YouTube has a visual disclosure option that assists you in informing your viewers that you are advertising to them.


There are many distinct revenue streams in this method for earning money on YouTube, but they all have one thing in common: to facilitate your followers to express their gratitude on their credit card.

Step 1 – Host live conversations during which participants can use Super Chat.

YouTube updated their old Fan Funding option with Super Chat in early 2017. This is a tool that YouTube Partners may use when live streaming.

Essentially, your viewers may increase the visibility of their comments by paying a fee to have them highlighted and pinned for a certain period of time in the live chat stream.

Step 2 – Urge your fans to become channel members

YouTube offers the capacity to allow your watchers to pay you to become  members from your channel. In return, they get custom emoticon, identifications, and admittance to individuals just special features like Live Chats with you.

You’ll have to work out an advancement system to persuade individuals to become individuals, which could possibly incorporate a few levels of enrollment. Like Super Chat, this element is simply accessible to YouTube Partners.

Step 3 – Convince your followers to upgrade to YouTube Premium.

This is the last stage in our approach since it only helps your channel indirectly. Having said that, when YouTube Premium subscribers see your channel, you get a percentage of their membership cost. (And every other station they watch as well.)


Soliciting contributions online has become widespread in recent years. Whether you’re seeking to generate continuous income via a pool of modest monthly contributions or to finance a particular, channel-related project, crowdfunding is a popular way for many YouTubers to earn money.

Step 1: to create a crowd funding account.

YouTube provides a list of authorized crowdfunding sites. Patreon is an excellent option for recurrent fundraising. Meanwhile, crowdfunding platforms like as GoFundMe or Kickstarter are ideal for one-off campaigns to get a new microphone, laptop, or… spleen.

Step 2. Use your videos to promote your campaign.

Specify your precise objectives so that others understand exactly what to anticipate if you achieve. Additionally, provide attractive rewards that stack based on the amount donated by your followers.

Step 3: Expand your search outside YouTube

A successful campaign utilizes a variety of platforms. Discover some tips for promoting your YouTube channel (and, by extension, your crowdfunding campaign) on other platforms.


When a video becomes viral, every news organization wants a copy to broadcast it for their viewers. Fortunately, established media businesses understand that they must pay for the services they provide. And there you have it, another method to earn money on YouTube. As a content producer, licensing your most popular work to the media may be as simple as ensuring your material is easily discoverable.

Step 1: Keep your About page’s contact information current or up to date.

You never know when the next lightning bolt may occur. Even if you lack a business manager, create a generic email account for business enquiries.

Step 2: Create an account with a video rights marketplace.

Even if you do not have a viral video, news organizations often need current footage to supplement their story.

For example, you may add to a whole library of ‘newsworthy’ films if you have unique footage of a big natural catastrophe, aircraft accident, or locust epidemic.