How To Rank Fiverr Gigs

how to rank fiverr gigsKnowing how to rank fiverr gigs on the first page is the secret to making the most of your fiverr business. Fiverr platform is presently one of the easiest and surest way of making money online.However it is becoming gradually congested that every ambitious seller will now need to know how to place their gig in a conspicous space in order to make any money!  From my experience as a level two fiverr seller, here are some ways through which you can rank your fiverr gigs on the first page easily. Good luck!

1. Get Your First Order As Soon As Possible

If you want to build trust for buyers, you need to first have a review to get more clients to order your gig. This is very fundamental. There are two ways of doing this:
a. Send five dollar to a friend, a brother or a relative to buy your gig and give you fantastic review.
b. Create a NEW account using a new browser or another phone and buy your gig with this new account.(NEVER USE THE SAME BROWSER TO CREATE MULTIPLE ACCOUNT…FIVERR WILL DETECT IT AND BLOCK YOUR ACCOUNT).Then give yourself a good review.
Even if your GIG is 200dollars,you can create a discounted custom offer for your new account and collect 5dollars.
To create your new account I will suggest you use the following links to get on fiverr and register.It will help you a lot! In fact you can get 20%  discount from some of the links






2. Get The Right Low Competition Keywords For Your TITLE,DESCRIPTION AND TAGS

how to rank fiverr gigsHow do you know low competition keywords in Fiverr? Visit fiverr website as a buyer and begin to type words that represents your GIG as if you are looking for sellers. The words that produces “lowest number of services” are the low competition keywords. You can get around four keywords for yourself
Choose your favourite keyword and insert it into your title. Put it along side others that are also low in your description. Make sure your fovourite one appear in the first first paragraph and also appear three or four times in other places depending on the lenght of your description.
List your four(4) low competition keywords as your TAGS and add one high competition keyword to complete the expected number of tags.


3. Visible Gig Cover Image

Get a conspicuous FIVER GIG COVER IMAGE to display and during the design and uploading process, save the image with your “primary keyword”. This is a significant step towards knowing how to rank fiverr gigs.

4. Attend To Your Frequently Asked Questions Section

During your gig creation process,make sure you ask and answer some Frequently Asked Questions. Use your primary keyword here too. But dont over do things!

5. Make Use Of  Social Media Shares

how to rank your fiverr gigStill interested in knowing how to rank fiverr gigs? Post you GIGs on social media and share/like them and also tell others to do the same. The reason for this is not just because of possible customers but to increase what is called SOCIAL SHARES. You can also promote your gigs in other places online.

6. Multiple Gigs

Create multiple GIGS in the same category but different sub category. Dont just create one ot two gig and expect everyone to locate you.

7. Multiple Fiverr Accounts?

Create multiple fiverr accounts. I will suggest you create a total of five accounts.(Do this very carefully and at nyour own risk because it is against Fiverr Terms And Condtions). You can use the links I already posted to create the accounts.
But why do you need multiple accounts?

a. You can use them to buy from yourself because of the need for that first few positive reviews
b. It will increase your visiblity…since you will be selling similar services. Its just like having five different shops in the same market. It will be easier for buyers to locate and patronise you!
c. You can be using the multiple accounts to visit each other and systematically increase your impressions and clicks which will make fiver to show your services to more people!

Another safe way of getting similar results is to have “FIVERR FRIENDS” and  be operating as a group of at least five sellers aiding and helping each other. You and your fiverr friends need not be in the same household or city. Dont forget that the world is now a global village and you could link up with anyone no matter their location!

8. Use Your Fiverr App

use fiverr app

Use fiverr app on your smartphone to stay online most of the time and answer questions quickly

9. Dont Abandon Your Gigs!

Visit your gigs frequently and adjust some words in your description and save/update it. Each time you do this,fiverr sees you as someone that is active and can push you up on the pages.

10. Avoid Changing Your Gig Title

Make sure you dont alter your GIG TITLE . If you feel like changing your title,why not create another gig. This is because any time you create a gig,your gig URL is created to correlate with your title. But whenver you alter that title,the URL will not be changed and this will hurt your page SEO and probably reduce your rank!

11. Use Video

Instead of using an image as your GIG COVER, use a video. Just create something interesting if you cant face the camera or visit another seller here to create a video for you for 5dollars!

12. Dont Quit!

dont quitDont give up. Continue to visit your GIG. Give your Fiverr business your best shot. If its becoming too old and you are not seeing any change,delete that gig and create another one.If your niche is too crowded go and look for another service to offer. Fiverr is making some people good money.You can have your own share too if you persist!

NB: Create your new fiverr account HERE