The major reason why you are looking for “Montessori school near me” is obviously to get a good Montessori school that will not be far from you place of residence or place of work.

I this article I will teach you the exact steps to take in your quest to locate what you are searching for.

In order to get the best my advice is for you to search for Montessori school in your location. Take for example: If you are in  Kent, United Kingdom. Your search term should be “Montessori school in Kent, uk”

If Google location is not activated on your pc or mobile, you will receive a pop up instructing you to allow, Google location….click ‘allow’. Then continue with what you are doing.

Step 1: Type the search term on Google, putting the exact place where you live or work depending on your choice

Step 2: Click ‘view all’, so you won’t be limited to just the top results only.

montessori education

Step 3: On the right side of your screen if you are on desktop, you will see the map of your results with almost all the montessori schools clearly labeled.

montessori parenting

Step 4: Check out each of the schools on the left side of your screen. Extract their phone numbers and exact location.

Before you go to the next step, you need to know the qualities of a good montessori school

Step 5: You may now begin to talk to each school to be able to make an informed decision from the list in your hand.

Just before you take your child to that montessorri school,I hope you know all you need to know about how to be a good montessori parent or what we call montessori parenting