Top Ten Ways To Market Your Business

For business owners, the methods for marketing and promoting their business and attracting attention have changed significantly over the last decade. These top ten ways to market your business should provide you with some ideas. Each marketing activity should work to increase brand recognition among your target audience.

Direct Mail / Print Media

As with television and radio, the proliferation of web-based content has resulted in a decline in print media. Nonetheless, there is considerable potential in printed media and direct mail channels.

According to a 2017 survey, 58% of individuals identify themselves as mainly print-oriented, while 28% describe themselves as predominantly digital. Adults aged 65 and older who pay for news, in instance, are five times more inclined to purchase print than digital.

When it comes to direct mail (adverts sent to a mailbox), the US Postal Service estimates that 42.2% of direct mail recipients read or scan their mail. Additionally, customers are very likely to visit a website after learning about a product via a catalog.  It is mostly excellent for small businesses, may assist in establishing brand awareness over time


Advertisements on Social Media

Publicizing is the monetary motor that drives all online media. LinkedIn started offering paid commercials as ahead of schedule as 2005, and Facebook dispatched advertisements in 2007, Twitter added promotions in 2010, and Instagram acquainted promotions with the stage in 2013.. Indeed, even TikTok has start adding publicizing to the tremendously well-known social stage.

The global community has become used to seeing advertisements on their social media feeds. Many people will pass them by, yet they will still notice them, resulting in familiarity. With the addition of tools like Facebook lead forms, the social media platform has expanded the methods in which marketers may contact their target audience. Social media is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness and promoting businesses. There are now eight distinct methods for advertising your company on Facebook, all of which are worth exploring. TOP TEN WAYS TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS

Email Marketing

Sending emails to customers can still be a feasible choice depending on your industry. Email marketing, particularly when integrated into a larger plan, may help keep your goods and services front of mind for your customers.

Speaking at Local Events

Speakers are often required for sessions at industry conferences, volunteer organizations, libraries, and local business groups. You’ll benefit from the exposure, new connections, and notoriety that speaking at these events brings.

While speaking in front of an audience may seem daunting, it is also one of the quickest methods to expand your network and establish authority.

As an entrepreneur, being found in your neighborhood local area is critical to business advancement. Despite the fact that it doesn’t need innovation, straightforward systems administration can be a powerful promoting strategy. Potential customers may come from places you didn’t expect when you are essential for the local area.

Influencer Marketing

Due to the increasing popularity of micro-celebrities and influencers, a relatively new and rather untested form of advertising has developed. Influencers, who are popular on both Instagram and YouTube, are individuals who have a sizable following (100,000 plus followers is a typical metric).

Influencer marketing is a proven way to help you expand your brand’s reach while also providing sales incentives presently.

Organic Web Traffic

Of course, everyone wants their website to appear at the top of Google’s search results. And, with little work and attention, there is still much potential to increase your exposure organically.

Natural traffic to your website constantly comes down to the usability of your site. You will begin to stand out if you create a website that answers your potential clients’ questions and offers them solutions to their problems. The more people that visit your site, the higher it will rank in Google. If you can get backlinks from other websites, it will help your site’s ranks.

While acquiring organic traffic is theoretically free, it requires some work to develop. Additionally, it may take time, so patience is necessary. Continue to create written and video material that you can distribute through social media, and interest will increase over time.


Perhaps the simplest approaches to develop your business drives is to ask the individuals who you know for help. Contact companions, colleagues, previous bosses, not-for-profit associations, schools and universities, and surprisingly different organizations that have clients who may require your administrations. Disclose to them realize you are ready to go and inquire as to whether they can utilize your administrations, or on the off chance that they can recommend individuals who need what you sell.

While this may seem to be an oversimplified method, many of the greatest business transactions occur as a consequence of someone knowing someone who needs your services.

Press Releases

It’s simple to send a press release to your local and regional news sources whenever your brand or business accomplishes anything noteworthy. Public relations is an extremely effective media technique for generating publicity. With free dissemination through reputable news outlets, more people will notice it and are more inclined to participate. You may distribute your press releases through a variety of websites and through other social media platforms.

Joint Ventures or Collaborations

Promoting your company is all about getting the appropriate individuals to see your offer. One of the simplest ways to do this is to identify current audiences that correspond to your target market.

A fantastic method to do this is to collaborate with non-competitive companies that advertise to the same demographic as you do. Locate services that may offer value to your consumers and that may also benefit their customers.

Joint ventures are an excellent method to increase brand awareness and revenue. You may profit from your partner’s trust and authority, and they can benefit from yours.

Video Content and Advertising

Since Youtube lunching in 2005, it has developed to turn into the world’s most famous video stage. In a normal month, 80% of individuals matured long term olds watch YouTube. In addition to the fact that Youtube offers the opportunity to promote on the stage, however the video design is likewise a phenomenal method to assemble trust with your crowd. Organizations that utilization video as a component of the promoting and substance will acquire higher commitment with their clients. Having a Youtube channel and adding video advertising to your business can likewise assist with site improvement. Video can be utilized to advance, instruct, and keep an association with existing clients. You can likewise utilize video as an extra piece of each blog entry you compose.

The best part is that the expense of video creation has dropped extensively. For not exactly a couple thousand dollars, an organization can set up an in-house studio and start making excellent recordings.

Apart from the above “top ten ways to market your business” here are more methods that you cannot afford to ignore.

Online Webinars

Though this is not among my “top ten ways to market your business”; putting together profitable online webinars is also another way to reach out. You can attract your target audience and gather their contact information for future follow-up by providing an initial webinar or online session.

To begin, determine where your target audience congregates online. Then, you may run some basic advertisements to promote your events and solicit registrations. While some individuals may be unable to attend the live event, they may still see the video afterwards.

Individuals who acquire useful ideas as a result of your company are far more likely to become clients. Education is a great method to establish a connection with a new set of possibilities.

Television and radio broadcasts

It may seem that with the exponential development of digital marketing, the ‘traditional’ forms of media such as television or radio are no longer worth advertising on. With the growth of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, live television ratings are losing their popularity.

Many customers continue to utilize these media and are susceptible to commercial impact. Indeed, 92% of adults listened to the radio at least once a week in the first quarter of 2019, while 92% of those aged 35-65 watched live television at least once a week.

Though Tv and radio adverts are expensive, if your business can afford them you are good to go. At least you will still be able to connect with some people who will then look for you on the web or through online media.

Ten years ago, this would have been number one among the “top ten ways to market your business”!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Search Ads)

Though Pay Per Click ad is not listed among my “top ten ways to market your business”; it is a potent way to spread your business reach.

Make no mistake; Google is a machine for advertising. While it may seem to be providing you with useful information and tools (Google Docs, Gmail, Calendars, etc.), it is really presenting you with these great features in order to ensure that you see their advertisements. Google generates 85 percent of its income via the Google Ads platform.

One of the significant advantages of pay per click advertising is that you only pay for the clicks generated by customers. Whether your company is big or little, you may use the power of the search engine at a low cost. The capacity to target and test niche audiences, as well as execute specialized campaigns, indicates a high level of customer interest. It’s an excellent low-cost marketing approach and a very successful method of attracting new consumers.

Location-Based Offers

Every business that wants to be discovered online should establish a Google My Business profile to assist in increasing its exposure. The sites are completely free and enable local searchers to locate businesses in their area.

According to Think with Google study, 75% of consumers who discover useful local information in search results are more inclined to visit physical shops or businesses.

Along with listing information, Google also enables you to add Offers to your listing. These are often discounts or incentives to get consumers to try your company.

If a potential customer is already looking for a company like yours in their neighborhood, a tiny coupon with an offer may be all that is required to encourage them to call or visit.

Podcast Ads

With the increase in popularity of podcasts over the last decade, marketers now have a plethora of options to reach an engaged audience.

Advertisers on podcasts are often referred to as ‘sponsors,’ since they enable podcasters to remain in business. As compensation for the sponsorship, the podcast presenter usually gives an ad read (similar to radio) on each episode.

The significant advantage of podcast advertising is that the audience has a high level of confidence in the person reading the message. The majority of listeners are aware that the podcaster will not promote goods or services that are inappropriate for their audience.

This article “top ten ways to market your business” is not just to be read but to be acted upon especially if you are truly into business