How To Do Cheap Weddings

Many people these days are interested in how to do cheap weddings. Weddings are a very special occasion that marks the beginning of a marriage. When planning one, it is important to consider your budget and what you want from the wedding ceremony itself. If you want your wedding to be special then make sure you stay within your budget. Wedding ceremonies can be expensive, especially if you have to pay for the wedding invitations, venue, caterer, photographers, etc. If you have a small budget, then here are some ideas that can help you on how to do cheap weddings.

You should always try to book a reception hall several months in advance. This can allow you to save money on the cost of food, entertainment, decorations, wedding favors, invitations, and the reception itself. The longer you plan your wedding, the less it will cost. Many couples are able to plan their wedding at least six months in advance to save a lot of money. They also find it much easier to get the type of entertainment they desire for the reception hall that they are booking.

how to do cheap weddings

If you are considering a garden wedding, consider doing it in the summer season. The cool thing about the summer is that there are a lot of flowers that you can use. If your aim is to get ideas on how to do cheap weddings, then you can start by checking out all of the various local garden centers. These types of places sell their flowers rather cheaply!

Apart from the points raised before now,here are some other things you need to take note of

Wed during the off-season or on a weekday
Think of getting married out of season, or even on a weekday, to save money on your wedding. Couples may save almost $7,000 by having their wedding in January or February rather than the peak months of June to August. By getting married on a Wednesday or Tuesday rather than a Saturday, you may save nearly $8,000.

Distribute e-vites
Alternatively, you may go the modern way and send your guests e-vites. Not only will this save you money on stationery, but services such as Paperless Post enable guests to RSVP online, assisting you in keeping track of attendance as well.


Make it a close family ceremony.
Though this may not be easy, limiting the guest list to close friends and family may substantially save expenses. Let everyone know that the invitation is not for all. Let the sitting space be limited.
Have your ceremony and reception at the same location on the same day.
Civil ceremonies are increasingly permitted at an increasing number of wedding locations. Not only does this minimize travel time between two locations, but it may also help you save money on wedding vehicles and guest transportation. If you want to keep the expense of feeding your guests to a minimum, you may make it a one-day ceremony that requires just one meal.

Rent Your Dress
Not interested in spending your money on an item you’ll wear just once? Consider using a bridal gown rental service. Obviously, if you have a local business, you can visit them to browse their inventory, or you may search online for services that will send the dress to you and then return it after your wedding. You should consult with your partner before proceeding since many women, for example, may oppose.If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

Get A Convertible Wedding Dress
Instead of blowing money on what you will wear once, you can get a dress that can easily be converted to something usable on ordinary days. You can also opt out of a conventional white gown and wear a suit.

Cheap weddings can also be achieved by being creative and making use of some of the wedding websites available. You can have an online wedding planner that is well designed and very affordable. All you need to do is provide them with the information that they ask for, and they will put together an amazing website for you. There are a lot of people that want to get married but are afraid to do it because they don’t think that they have the right person for the job. By using online wedding planning websites, you can be sure that you are getting the service that you want for a price that you can afford.
As you can see, you can do some great things when you are thinking about how to do cheap weddings. The most important thing that you need to do is make sure that you start planning early. The earlier you start, the better because this is going to allow you time to think about all of the details that are needed for your special day. So start making plans for your wedding right away!