How To Increase Self-respect (1)

How to increase self-respect is a question I’m sure almost every one of us has asked at some time or another. We all feel insecure and unworthy and this can then manifest into a variety of negative actions. I’d like to discuss what is self-respect here though just to make the concept a little more tangible. What is self-respect? It’s the ability to feel worthy of yourself and your own abilities.


It’s important to realize, when defining self-respect that you are not trying to replace your higher self with a lower one. You don’t have to hate yourself to have self-respect. If you allow yourself to be without esteem then you won’t have self-respect.

So, instead of focusing on who you are not, why not focus on what you are? What is your unique calling that sets you apart from others. What is your inner light that shines brightly from within? The answers to these questions will help you understand who you truly are. And this will give you tremendous power to be the enabler rather than an enabler of others.


What is self-respect then, if not an aura you emit that gives off a feeling of well-being and positive vibes? Feeling as though you’re worthy of yourself, of your skills and talents is the start of having self-respect. If you allow others to trash you and tell you that you are worthless without them, then you are not worthy of yourself or of your talents. You will never find peace, success or any true sense of self.

So, instead of becoming a mirror image of what you think others think of you, start living from your truth. Let your light shine from within so that others will see your authentic brilliance. Be willing to step out into your world and speak up when others are too fearful or too timid to do so. Don’t be afraid to take a stand for what you believe in and defend what you know is right. By doing so you will generate a healthier response from your own energy.

A famous quote by William Lyon Phelps “He who hesitates is lost!” I find this saying very empowering and I believe it applies in many areas of life. Letting yourself be vulnerable and be taken by your enemies will only strengthen you and give you a stronger sense of self-respect. The more we allow our enemies to tear us down the more we grow in strength. This is how to gain self-respect.