How To Increase Self-respect (2)

This is another write up on how to increase self-respect. Many individuals in today’s society have lost the respect of others around them because they have lost their respectability. Individuals with poor self-respect are more prone to engage in risky behavior and are unconcerned that their activities may result in legal consequences. If you want to know how to increase self-respect, you must first understand what it means to be in legal jeopardy. Here are some strategies for increasing self-respect that you should keep in mind.

Ten methods to increase self-respect

1. Assertiveness: Recognize when others disrespect you and take action to correct the situation. Self-respecting individuals do not allow people to treat them poorly and would prefer to avoid association with someone who is disrespectful. When someone does not treat you with fundamental respect, you must be able to respond, in some manner, “You just mistreated me, and that is not acceptable to me.”

2. Acceptance of oneself: Get to know oneself. The better you understand yourself, the more appreciative you will be of your uniqueness. Develop an awareness of your own ideals, personality, and capabilities. Put an end to your people-pleasing and begin cultivating your own character and values. Be authentic to yourself. It is critical that you believe in your own values and that you recall what is really important to you. Simply because others believe you should act a particular way does not mean they are correct.

3. Spirituality: Self-respect that is genuine gives inner serenity. Spirituality helps us cultivate that inner serenity. Reject this facet of your personality at your peril. The spiritual journey may be an exhilarating and profoundly rewarding experience.


4. Realism: Develop the ability to deal with criticism. We are empathetic creatures. To preserve our self-esteem, we must learn to cope with criticism. Take criticism with a grain of salt. Consider it from a dispassionate standpoint.

5. Maintain a laser-like focus on motivation, not on actual outcomes. The issue is that we mistakenly associate self-respect with external displays of money, achievement, and social status.

6. Forgiveness: You can easily increase self respect through forgiveness. Forgive those who have wronged you and forgive yourself. Resist the urge to dwell in the past. Resolve previous errors and adversity.

7. Have regard for others: You can also increase self-respect by respecting others.If you lack regard for others, how can you have regard for yourself? It is a mistake to attempt to feel better by putting people down. If you seek for positive characteristics in others, it will be simpler to recognize them in to increase self-respect

8. Humility: Increase in self-respect does not come from receiving praise from others, which creates a false feeling of pride. Selflessness is a virtue.

9. Never despise yourself. This has the potential to develop into a hazardous habit. We all make errors and sometimes do the wrong thing, but we should never self-deprecate needlessly.

10. Responsibility: Another way to increase self respect is by being responsible.Decide consciously that you will no longer play the ‘victim’ role – you are accountable for your life and only you have the power to effect change. According to American novelist Joan Didion, “the courage to take responsibility for one’s own life is the springboard for self-respect.”
By focusing on these 10 methods to increase self-respect, you may take control of your life and future without feeling shame.