How To Start Making $100 Daily On Fiverr Without Any Skill

Today I want to show you how I make one hundred dollars a day transcribing audio and video on and how you can start doing the same thing!

Many have asked me “why did i choose to transcribe on”. I chose transcription on because it required little or no experience. It is very easy to do. Apart from that, there is  a lot of demand for it.

A lot of people have assignments, some have lectures on YouTube, and some others conducted interviews and need to put it down as texts!

If you also check out the gigs on you will detect that a lot of people offering it are making sales. Luckily too those offering that service are not too much. Meanwhile even if they are much…we are living in a very expansive world and the sky is big enough for birds to fly without head on collision with one another!

Check out what I am saying:

Example 1


make money on fiverr

The seller in the above image has made at least a thousand sale, because less than 40% of customers will leave a review. A lot will just get their delivery and disappear!

Example 2

make money on fiverr2

That woman with the username trans-queen has over 3458 reviews(that will be about 10,000sales) and 19 orders waiting to be delivered!

Benefits of offering this GIG

Unlike what you are thinking, you are not going to sit down four hours listening and writing notes. This service is fully automated. You will use a FREE ONLINE TOOL for the transcription. All you need is to manually go through….do some formatting and correction! Even if you don’t have much time you can still fulfill fiver orders a day. Assuming your order is 20dollars each that is a daily 100dollars in your account!

How To Fulfill And Deliver Your Transcription Gig (Fully Automated)

Step 1. Once you receive the order, download the audio to your PC. If it’s a video, convert it to mp3

To covert normal video to mp3 go to….

To covert YouTube video to mp3 go to…

Step 2. Upload your downloaded audio to There it will be coverted to text totally free of charge

Alternatively you can use the free trial of another website to covert the downloaded audio to text. The website is . This site however has limited use before you are asked to pay. To avoid paying you may need to be registering with different emails each time you want to use it for free because you are limited to only 45minutes audio conversion. If you want to go ahead, its advisable to use disposable email for your registration. The reason is that, it is easy to open and once you use it to register you can throw it away. Even if you refuse to throw it away it will disappear after 24hours. One of the best online platform for disposable email is

Step 3.After you have finished converting the audio to text, the next step is to download the text,put it into Microsoft page and edit it manually to have a clean job.

Step 4. Your finished work can be delivered as a Word document or as a pdf document. To convert your word document to pdf is relatively easy. Read “How to convert word document to pdf”