How To Win A Woman You Love

This article is all about how to win a woman you love. There are times when gestures speak for themselves, even more than words themselves. The French poet Jean Cocteau once said that love does not exist, but that “there is only evidence of love.” And it is that they do not have to be great gestures that are made by the couple, but small things that, without intending it, fill us with happiness.

Many men find it difficult to express what they feel in words, and that’s where those little details come into play, which can make the relationship grow and strengthen. And nobody likes to take things for granted, so both parties have to do their bit to move on and conquer their better half a little more. But, what must a man do to win the heart of a woman he loves on a daily basis? Here are a few ideas!

1.Let her choose the movie when you go to the cinema

Even if you want to see the latest great action movie just released, you can ask your girl which one she would like to see. Who knows, you may be lucky and finally choose the same movie that you were thinking … She thinks of you too!

Do not stay in the cliche, since there are many women who like that type of cinema and prefer it over romantic comedies. And if not, you can always choose the theater where you can enjoy a date “in the dark” and with live performance.

how to win a woman you love1

2.Tell her often how pretty she is

All women like compliments. That you never overlook (never, never) tell her how beautiful she is, especially if she has dressed up more than usual. This is a golden rule! And if it turns out that the situation is the opposite: for example if your girlfriend is not made up, her hair uncovered and in her pajamas, make her smile saying pretty.

3.Give her flowers

You do not have to wait for a certain date to arrive (his birthday, your anniversary, etc.) to give him a bouquet of flowers. Why not surprise her any day? For example, if you come home with two or three roses on a weekday she will love the gesture. One day like another will be more special. As simple as that.

4.Tell her at any time that you love her

Do you remember Stevie Wonder’s wise words: “I just called to say I love you? You can tell them through a text message, a WhatsApp, an e-mail or with a call. Who doesn’t like a gift like this?


5. Romantic dinners

A little romance can add a touch of magic to the relationship. One day that you have more time you can prepare a surprise like a dinner at home by candlelight. As long as you know how to cook or at least you are good at it. If this is not your case, you can always go out to dinner there or make a little “cheat”, asking for dinner before she arrives. The important thing is to pamper her and, of course, the detail!

6.Bet on spontaneous displays of affection

You already know that a hug or a kiss have unimaginable power. Especially when they arise spontaneously. For example when you greet or say goodbye, romanticism on a daily basis! And what about those gestures when you are with friends? She will thank you for being loving.

7.Be a gentleman

Behaving like a gentleman or lover, even if the contrary is said, is something that never goes out of style. But what does this work consist of? It’s about making your partner happy, making her feel special, how? Opening the car door for him to get in, give way before crossing a door or even pay for dinner in a beautiful place.

8.Surprise her with messages of love

You can buy her a book and dedicate it to her, leave a post-it somewhere in the house like in the fridge or in the mirror or even put a little note in her bag. She will smile when she reads it and write to thank you! A necessary detail when perhaps she is not in her best time.

9.Remind her whenever you can how much you love her

Sometimes relationships do not go through their best time, but they experience better streaks and other less good ones. This is influenced by work stress, some family problems … We should not fall into routine, so it is good to be reminded that we are loved. In short, this is a detail that will be returned to you instantly, because she will also tell you how much she loves you. It is good and very positive to know that someone loves you, loves you and supports you. Tell him every day how special he is to you!

10.Don’t be afraid to show your most sensitive side

You should not hide your problems or your sorrows. You already know that your partner trusts you as you must do it in her and be able to tell her what you feel. The idea is that you both help each other, you are made for each other! All boyfriends go through difficulties and it will not make you less of a man or less strong the fact of confessing your weaknesses and uncertainties. The fact that you tell her what is happening to you will make her love you even more.

In summary and quoting one of the most beautiful songs by Lucas Masciano, “I like you when you dance, I like you when you laugh, I like you when you cry and I like you when you live”. You will like everything more about your partner if you know that you are close to him, that he loves you, that he shows you and that you can trust him!

And if you are going to say “yes, I want” do not forget to have these conversations with your partner before you get married  and, remember the things that will transform your relationship into something incredible .

How to win a woman you love is not difficult,if you put what you are learning into action!