WILD YAM AND FERTILITY (Can Wild Yam Increase Fertility?)

Wild yam and fertility in women! Have you ever come across the term “wild yam root”?  This miraculous root has been in widespread use for many years. It is a reliable root for ladies seeking organic assistance for their reproductive requirements. Additionally, wild yam is used to aid with reproductive problems and in treating menopausal issues and other related unpleasant symptoms.

The Myths Regarding Organic Reproductive Health

As with chaste berry, the wild yam root has been misinterpreted in terms of uses and perceptions. Traditionally, it was believed that wild yam included the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. They think that the more wild yam root cream you apply to your skin, the more likely you are to increase your sex hormones. The concept is sound, but the mechanism is a fallacy. While it does not provide estrogen or progesterone, it may indirectly promote their synthesis inside the body.

Yam, Wild: Complete Plant Description

Wild yam, sometimes known as colic root, is a twining tuberous vine. One species is indigenous to North America, while the other is indigenous to China. Both are diosgenin-containing and possess comparable therapeutic effects. The genus Dioscorea contains about 600 species of yam. Many are wild plants that thrive in moist woods and thickets, and not all contain diosgenin. Wild yam is a perennial vine which grows from light brown, knotty, woody cylindrical rootstocks or tubers. In contrast to sweet potato yams, the roots of yams are not meaty. Rather than that, they are dry, slender, and twisted, with horizontal branches bearing long creeping runners. The slender, reddish-brown stems reach a height of more than 30 feet. The roots initially have a starchy flavor, but quickly develop a bitter and caustic flavor.

Clusters of tiny, greenish-white and greenish-yellow flowers adorn the wild yam plant. Long, wide, and with a long stem, the heart-shaped leaves are long and broad. The leaves’ top surface is smooth, but the underside is downy.

wild yam and fertility

How Can Wild Yam Root Increase Sex Hormone Production?

The root of the wild yam contains dioscin. Dioscin is a naturally occurring steroid found in wild yam roots. Dioscin may be converted to diosgenin once consumed, according to the bacteria in our stomach. Diosgenin is subsequently absorbed into the circulation through the small intestine. When diosgenin enters the hypothalamus, it binds to estrogen receptors. Diosgenin’s action at estrogen receptors may result in an increase in estrogen production. Therefore, what is the catch?

Now, this method is beneficial only if you are estrogen deficient. If you do not have a hormonal imbalance, wild yam root may not be a suitable option for you.Additionally, for it to function, your gut flora must be healthy. Without an appropriate flora, dioscin may not be converted to diosgenin. Therefore, before consuming wild yam root, it is advisable to ascertain the condition of your digestive health. For hormonal balance, wild yam root should be taken orally, not via creams. However, some individuals prefer cream over tablets.


Creamed Yam Root

If wild yam root lacks natural hormones, how come there are products claiming to have natural hormones? Certain products claiming to contain sex hormones may be genuine. To ensure that it is genuine, check for the trademark “USP bio-identical Natural Progesterone Cream.” This trademark implies that the cream was manufactured in a laboratory. Not only can laboratories design yams to have diosgenin, but also to contain human sex hormones. However, use caution while purchasing, since certain brands may mislead you. Conduct research and purchase only from reputable wild yam root cream manufacturers.

The Benefits of Wild Yam Root

The wild yam root is renowned for its possible anti-tumor properties. Additionally, the wild yam root is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which aid significantly in pain relief. Men may also benefit from wild yam root in terms of sperm motility. Additionally, the wild yam root has anti-obesity and anti-fat buildup properties. One of the most beneficial benefits of wild yam root on the human body is its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. These are some of the known benefits associated with wild yam root. However, it is not why you are here. You’re curious as to why this is beneficial to women’s reproductive health, aren’t you?

Therapeutic Effects on Women’s Reproductive Health

Due to its ability to regulate hormones, wild yam root may have a therapeutic impact on reproductive health. However, wild yam root is more than just a source of hormones. It has the potential to treat a wide variety of reproductive diseases and dysfunctions….little wonder wild yam and fertility has been widely linked together!

Cramps Can Be Soothed by Wild Yam Root

Menstruation and other significant reproductive events cause spasms in the muscles of our reproductive linings. These spasms send waves of discomfort and agony across the body. By relaxing our muscular lining, the wild yam root may alleviate these cramps. If our muscular lining becomes quiet, the different functions of its numerous components may be adequately maintained.

Wild Yam Root Fights Inflammation

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, wild yam root may help alleviate discomfort associated with urinary tract infections, or UTIs. You must realize that wild yam root is not a UTI treatment. You must still take prescription antibiotics to fully resolve the issue.

Pain Management in the Treatment of Ovarian Cysts

Because the wild yam root contains anti-inflammatory properties, it seems sense that it might have an impact on ovarian cyst discomfort. However, this hypothesis requires further testing and research.

After Surgery Pain Management:

Wild yam root may be used to relieve pain after pelvic operations. Cesarean sections, fibroid removal, cyst removal, and endometriosis are all examples of pelvic operations.

Prevents Pregnancy

For centuries, wild yam root has been used to prevent miscarriage. Due to its sedative effect on the uterine lining, it prevents undesired contractions during pregnancy. It works well when used with Black Haw to relax the uterine muscles.

Managing Pain During Labor

The use of wild yam root has the ability to avoid painful labors. This should be taken only if the labor pains are very severe. You do not want to relax uterine contractions since they are the pushing motion that causes the baby to emerge.

Pain Management Following Childbirth

After delivery, the woman may continue feel contractions. These contractions are typical unless they reach an excessively high level of intensity. If you continue to have atypical contractions, the combination of wild yam root and Mother works may help relieve the discomfort.

Pregnancy Nausea Can Be Alleviated With Wild Yam Root

This notion has remained controversial to this day. Numerous medical professionals remain dubious about the impact of wild yam root on pregnant women. Many argue that it is better to leave it alone until a comprehensive assessment of its effects is conducted. However, according to traditional medicine, wild yam root may help control the severe nausea associated with pregnancy. Native Americans use it to alleviate nausea and vomiting in pregnant women.

Chinese Women Use Wild Yam Root to Improve Their “Chi” and Uterus Health

Wild yam and fertility discussions and application is not new.The ancient Chinese herbal practice utilizes wild yam root to infuse the human form with more chi. Chi is a colloquial term for the human body’s vital force or energy. Additionally, Chinese traditional medicine utilizes the wild yam root to provide health and heat energy to a woman’s uterus. The presence of heat in the uterus indicates fertility and general uterine health.

Can Wild Yam Increase Fertility? The answer is obviously yes!