Dangers Of Low Self-Esteem

This article is all about dangers of low self-esteem. A poor sense of self-esteem is accompanied by self-critical thoughts in which you view yourself as “less than” and “not good enough.” To alleviate these ideas, you engage in various activities targeted at improving your self-esteem.

However, you find out that they are ineffective. Indeed, you will discover that a negative cycle is put in motion: you have low self-esteem, your thoughts mirror an image of a person who is missing, you attempt to be competent and successful, but your poor self-esteem causes you to fall short, which then results in a worse sense of self-esteem.

If you lack self-esteem, you may feel unimportant. Even when you have people around, you feel alone and unwelcome. You feel isolated from others and even from those who are close to you. It’s as if you’re in an audience, seeing others joyfully converse and relate to one another, while you’re simply watching from the sidelines, feeling lonely once again.dangers of low self-esteem

You have a sense of invisibility. You’re constantly on the outside of gatherings, where no one wants to speak to you or be your buddy. Even if you have friends, you get the impression that they take advantage of you and do not regard you as highly as their other pals.

You feel as if you are giving to them, but you do not perceive that you are receiving anything in return. They have no recollection of your birthday. They never invite you out. When a member of your family died, no one gave you a card or phoned to express condolences. As a result, you retreat since you’re weary of making an attempt to interact with others. Indeed, you’re fed up with life in general.


Additionally, your existence will be meaningless. You have nothing useful to contribute. You have no need to fantasize since your fantasies never come true. You may have a routine job, but that is all you have. You return home, turn on the television, and go to bed. You are insignificant and invisible. If this is you I’m describing, it’s very dangerous!


Feeling low self-esteemed may make you desirous of not getting up in the morning and facing the day. Why bother? Nobody is going to notice. Nobody is concerned. The following are the most common dangers of low self-esteem:


Because self-esteem is inextricably connected to mood, when it is reduced, a plethora of unpleasant emotions may follow – sorrow, humiliation, worry, fear, rage, loneliness, tension, and even despair. Everyone feels unpleasant feelings at times; however, someone with low self-esteem will have a more difficult time overcoming them, and will often experience them in combination.


Self-hatred will lead you to despise your own ideas and behaviors and will make it tough to forgive yourself. Hating your body will eventually manifest in your relationships and at work, since feeling unworthy of self-care will give you permission to neglect self-care.


This is a significant issue, since it indicates a pervasive feeling of worthlessness. You may see others’ characteristics and abilities as superior to your own — even “heroic” — and therefore unachievable. If you are experiencing the consequences of low self-esteem, you may assume that no one cares what you think, how you feel, or even what you have to give. And thinking such things may result in feelings of isolation, aversion to reaching out and engaging, and ultimately an increase in suppressed rage.


A low self-esteem can make any day seem like a Monday morning in rush hour traffic…after you drive away with your coffee cup on the top of your vehicle. There is a widespread belief that “I am going to fail anyway, so why bother?” This undercurrent of feeling “stuck” and “out of steam” may have a detrimental effect on your performance at work and at home. Additionally, it may easily spill over into your desire to try new things, which may benefit both your mood and your financial account.


Believing that you must be flawless in all you do will result in a continuous feeling of failure and inability to be good enough. If you have the danger signs of low self-esteem, you may confuse making a mistake with being a mistake, rendering you unable of forgiving yourself for just being human and making “human” errors. That, my friends, is a telltale symptom of poisonous shame. There are many methods to deal with feelings of inadequacy.


Because the consequences of poor self-esteem are infused with a feeling of hopelessness — “there is no hope,” “things can’t get any better” — you will have a tough time recovering from brief setbacks.


When your self-esteem is low, it’s probable that your self-care is low as well. Due to the underlying belief that “things can’t get any better, so why waste my energy?” it’s easy to overlook critical aspects of well-being such as sleep, proper diet, and exercise. Low self-esteem also makes you more susceptible to fear-based diversions such as drug and alcohol addiction, obsessive sex, eating disorders, and shopping, all of which are used to escape confrontation, suffering, and failure.

dangers of low self-esteem


When poor self-esteem is present, relationships eventually deteriorate. You may feel you do not deserve or are incapable of maintaining a good relationship, and as a result, you do not give your best effort or show your best self.


Desire to improve the world is not the issue here; the issue is a lack of defined limits and the inability to say “no.” When your self-esteem is low, you will feel undeserving of getting kindness from others and will feel obliged to ensure others feel good as well.


This untruth naturally breeds dread and worry, which, when combined with the idea that your own opinions are irrelevant to others, serves to exacerbate your suppressed pain and fury.

Regrettably, all of these negative consequences of poor self-esteem serve merely to reinforce your negative self-image and may contribute to a downward spiral. Hopelessness fuels fatalistic conduct, and the two mutually reinforce one another. By now, you should see a recurring theme in the consequences of poor self-esteem: what you think about yourself spreads outward into every other area of your life. The good news is that this pernicious and crippling cycle of low self-esteem is reversible. You may be confident in yourself. Indeed, you are entitled to.

If this describes you, now is the moment to make a change that will increase your understanding of your worth. You cannot wave a wand and instantly remove these emotions. However, as you get a better understanding of yourself, you will discover that inside you is a wonderful person who is just waiting to emerge — a person who is thrilled to be alive, likes getting up in the morning, and enjoys a life of success and pleasure. That may very well be you! (Get My Book On Self Esteem In Amazon)